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"Blessed is the person who cares for the hungry"

A Little Introduction

Welcome To Noshaba Welfare Trust international

Noshaba Welfare Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2021 by Pastor Khurshid Sharif. It currently assists individuals residing in the Greater Philadelphia area and individuals living internationally in select parts of Pakistan. Serving 3,000 individuals and 500 families so far, Noshaba welfare trust strives to provide resources, education, medical aid, and vocational training to those in need.

Meet Our Team

Philadelphia, PA

Mirpurkhas, Sindh Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

Noshaba Food Distribution

Hunger and poverty are major ongoing issues affecting the quality of life for many Children.
We aim to alleviate hunger with our food distribution program and hope to create a better world for our Children through Noshaba’s educational and vocational programs.

Educational & vocational Assistance

Every child in the world has the right to get an education. Unfortunately, many families are deprived of quality education due to poverty. Many children are waiting for help and a chance to access their education. Please join us in helping them secure their future and build a healthy society.

Medical Assistance

1.) Eye exams and eye care

2.) Dental Care and cleaning

3.) Access to clean water

4.) Nutrition assistance for women who are pregnant

5.) Health Care assistance

Encouraging people with disabilities

Having a disability can complicate an individual’s ability to find or receive proper care. Our mission is to assist those individuals with all of their needs and improve their quality of life

Assistance for religious institutions in impoverished areas

Many Pastors and Churches are unable to serve better because they have financial limitations.
Noshaba aims to assist churches in our area of service  so they can provide more comprehensive support to their community.

Team Members


Noshaba Khurshid

Vice Chairperson

Let's change the world, Join us now!